Monthly Bulletin

We put together our monthly bulletins to arm DSA members and supporters with the analysis and talking points we need to fulfill our task as “permanent persuaders” — Antonio Gramsci’s apt description of the responsibility of socialist organizers.

Each bulletin includes news and views on class struggle, politics, and building a better world. We carefully curate and present the most important stories and articles and also include news about unions, DSA, and the socialist movement around the world.

If you have a story that you want us to include from your chapter in our next bulletin, you can email us at editor [at] socialistcall [dot] com.

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Bulletin #5 — February 2019: Victory in LA and 2020 Heats Up
Bulletin #4 — January 2019: New Congress and Fighting Teachers
Bulletin #3 — December 2018: Climate Meltdown and Yellow Vests
Bulletin #2 — November 2018: Midterms Approach and Fascist Victory in Brazil
Bulletin #1 — October 2018: Midterms, Kavanaugh, and DSA on the Move